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Installing RStudio Server Pro#

You have already installed R from pre-compiled binaries. In this session you:

  • Review the RStudio Server Pro installation checklist
  • Install RStudio Server Pro
  • Discuss architecture and some best practices


Configuration and sizing#

The support article Configuration and sizing recommendations provides some guidelines on recommended server sizes.

The answer is it depends, but as a general guideline:

Product Minimum (CPU / Memory) Recommended (CPU / Memory)
RStudio Server Pro 2 core / 4G 4 - 16 core / 8G - 256G
RStudio Connect 2 core / 4G 8 - 16 core / 32G - 128G
Shiny Server Pro 2 core / 4G 4 - 8 core / 4G - 64G
RStudio Package Manager 2 core / 2G (RAM) / 50 G (Disk) 2 core / 2 G (RAM) / 200 G (Disk)


To install RStudio Server Pro you need:

  • Root privileges for installing and running
  • Access to the R programming language (we recommend installing from pre-compiled binaries)
  • Access to an R package repository, e.g. CRAN
  • Configuration for a user authentication scheme, e.g LDAP or PAM

Support article:

Installation checklist#

Please read the support article:

You can also refer to the Requirements section of the RStudio product documentation.

Installing R#


You have already installed R in the previous exercise, but it's worth repeating the point. We strongly recommend you install R from pre-compiled binaries to get multiple R versions side-by-side



Your turn#

Next complete the exercise.

Signs of success:

  • You have installed RStudio Server Pro
  • RStudio Server Pro is running