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1.1 How the course works

Welcome to the RStudio Team system administration course!


How this course works#

Initial state#

When you start the course, you have a mostly empty virtual machine (VM), inside a virtual private network that also contains a "leader instance". This leader contains a mail server and an LDAP server. Later during the course you integrate with both.


Install R from pre-compiled binaries#

Your first task is to install R from pre-compiled binaries...


Install RStudio Server Pro#

... followed by installing RStudio Server Pro.


Security - configure LDAP#

After installation, you integrate RStudio Server Pro with an authentication mechanism, in this case an LDAP server that is on the leader instance.


Install and configure RStudio Connect#

After installing RStudio Connect you integrate with a RoundCube mail server (to enable Connect to send email), and you will establish a connection with RStudio Server Pro to deploy content.


Use RStudio Connect#

You will deploy some applications and reports from RStudio Server Pro to Connect, including an app that reads data from a database.


Install and use RStudio Package Manager#

Your final task is to install and configure RStudio Package Manager, and then to establish a connection with RStudio Server Pro.


Training server logistics#

You have access to your own (virtual machine) server with pre-installed R, some R packages, and loaded with necessary demo files and folders.

During this session you will:

  • Get your login credentials for the virtual machine
  • SSH into the machine
  • Explore the machine, e.g. to find user files, classroom material, etc.

Your turn#

Next complete the exercise.

Signs of success:

  • You can ssh into the Virtual Machine