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1.2 Lab - SSH in

Task: Get your VM host name and credentials#

  • Go to the classroom app:
  • Enter your classroom password
  • Register with your name and email address

You will get a home screen with a URL, user name and password


  • Point your browser browser to the URL you are given

Task: Open the getting started screen#

The screen should look similar to this:


Task: SSH in#

Use the provided credentials to log in

You can do this using your favourite SSH tool, including:

  • linux terminal
  • git bash
  • PuTTy or SuperPutty

In the terminal, use a command like the following (after substituting your own host name):


This screencast demonstrates how to make the connection:

Upon success you should be able to see the Ubuntu initial welcome information:


Task: Explore some folder locations#

Make a mental note of the following folder locations

Location Contents
/usr/share/class classroom material
/usr/local/src contains pre-downloaded source material
/opt/R installation folder for R

For example:

ls /usr/share/class
ls /usr/local/src