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4.1 Lab

Quiz: Pre-reqs#

Find the Admin guide for RStudio Connect at

Read through section 1 (Introduction), then answer the following questions:

Which operating systems are supported for RStudio Connect?

  • Windows Server 2018
  • Suse Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Red Hat
  • CentOS

The correct answer is: Ubuntu, Suse Linux, Red Hat Linux and CentOS (since it's practically identical to Red Hat).

Remember: R must be installed prior to installing RStudio Connect. (You should have done that earlier!)

Quiz: Installation#

R version#

R must be installed on the system before you start installation of RStudio Connect.

Read the installation section of the admin guide, then answer these questions:

What is the minimum R version that is supported on Connect?

  • R-3.0.0
  • R-3.1.0
  • R-3.2.0
  • R-3.3.0
  • R-3.4.0
  • R-3.5.0

R-3.1.0 is the minimum required version.

Operating system#

Before you start the installation on the server, you must note the operating system you are using.

Hint: lsb_release -a

What operating system are you using on the training server?

  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Red Hat Linux

The training server is running Ubuntu Linux.

Task: Install RStudio Connect#

Follow the instructions for download and installing Connect at :

Hint: Use the folder /usr/local/src to store the downloads after the installation.


How do you know it worked?

sudo tail /var/log/rstudio-connect.log

You should see something like this:

2019/01/10 22:25:07 Using HTTP access log: /var/log/rstudio-connect.access.log
2019/01/10 22:25:07 Sweeping ad-hoc variants
2019/01/10 22:25:07 Starting HTTP listener on :3939

The last line means Connect is listening on port 3939.

You can also open the connect landing page (from your course login page).


It's Alive! Can I use it?#

Not yet. More choices to make:

  • Initial configuration, including email
  • Auth Provider

You will cover these in the next section.