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5.6 Lab

Task: Deploy sample API#

Deploy the sample API in the folder 05_api.

You can deploy using either:

  • Push button deployment
  • The rsconnect package:
rsconnect::deployAPI(".", server = ..., account = ...)

Try out the Swagger Docs for the API.

Task: Make an authenticated request#

Your task is to restrict access to the published API, then make an authenticated request from the linux terminal.

  • First, restrict access to the sample API to authenticated users only.
  • Then, generate an API key in Connect
    • Make sure you save the API key in a safe place. Treat it like a password!
  • Make a request from bash, filling in YOUR_BASE_URL and YOUR_AUTH_KEY
    • Hint: you get get the base URL for your API by looking at the Swagger docs panel
curl -X GET "YOUR_BASE_URL/mpg?new_hp=300" -H  "accept: application/json"  -H "Authorization: Key YOUR_AUTH_KEY" 

Video review: Generate an API key#

Video review: Making an authenticated request#