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5.4 Lab

Task: Deploy a report#

Complete the following actions:

  • Open 04_report/stocks
  • Knit the report locally
  • Publish to connect
    • This can take up to 10 minutes on first deployment

How many ways can you find to publish?

Task: Set up a schedule#

Create a schedule for your report.

  • Modify the settings so this report runs once per day.
  • Configure the setting to send an email when running
  • Manually trigger a run by clicking the "recycle" icon in the upper right and then check for the email in RoundCube

Task: Create a variant#

  • Open the "Input" pane on the far left of the Connect window. (It initially appears as a small rotated tab against the left margin of the application.)
  • Create a variant of the report. Use any valid stock ticker, e.g. AMZN, IBM or MSFT.
  • Save the variant.

Task: View the history#

  • Find the "history" pane by clicking the circle-and-dots "More" icon in the upper right
  • Inspect the various renderings of the report.